How Class Cancellations are Announced

How Class Cancellations are Announced

Winter weather is well and truly upon us. Additionally, there is freezing rain and snow in the extended forecast. With both of those things in mind, it is time to remind everyone about class cancellations.

While we try not to cancel class, sometimes the weather conditions make it necessary. When that happens, announcements will be made in three ways:

1) Here, on our Announcement page
2) On our Facebook page
3) And by text message

Lenore is responsible for making the decision whether or not to cancel class. In her absence, the individual leading class is responsible for making the final determination whether or not to hold class.

Once that decision is made, Lenore typically informs Lori who posts the announcements. Lori will post the decision to cancel class as soon as she is able as well as send out texts to those whose numbers she has. Sometime Tuesday, she will send a text with this general message to those whose numbers she currently has. If you do not receive this text by early afternoon, then she does not have your number. If you would like her to text you in the event of a class cancellation, give her your number.

While it is our desire to have everyone in class every class session, if class is not cancelled and you do not feel comfortable driving on the roads due to the weather then do not come to class. While we all live in the same general geographic region, it is well known that sometimes weather hits one part of the area harder than others and some of us have to drive on outlying roads that are less protected from the adverse weather. We much prefer to miss you in the short term and have the ability to train with you in the long term.

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